February 19

Prioritizing Your Goals


As time passes, our priorities may change, which means our goals may change, and the cost of those goals may change. There must have been a time in your life where you had to make a decision to do something in lieu of something else. In that case, you made a decision to change your current goal or postpone the ultimate goal due to a change in priorities. 

This happens in the business world, but it also happens in your personal life. In prioritizing, you must reconcile the various goals and task vying for your attention, but you can only use so much time for each goal and task.

That's why it's important to prioritize one's goals in personal life as you do in your business world.

Steps in Prioritizing Your Goals:

  • Know Where you are Financially - I know when you talk about goals, you are most likely thinking about your future and where you want to go but first, you must know where you are currently. So, set a goal to get a grasp on your current money status.
  • Your Non-negotiables - Like housing, food, clothing, transportation, education, saving and your debt.  You will have other goals, which you will address later, but it is important to place these necessities at the top of your financial to do list. 
  • Goals That Make You Feel Good - Life is tough enough and you will face a lot of challenges just to reach your necessities, so set goals that feed your soul.  When your days ahead are shorter than your days gone by, what are those things you wish you would have done?  These are your goals and you don't want to try and meet someone else expectations.
  • What Do I Have to Sacrifice? - Achieving financial freedom requires a lot of planning and careful money management, creating a budget, paying off debt, paring down expenses and socking away cash so you can accumulate savings.  

In Summary, by prioritizing your goals, you can minimize stress, boost productivity, and enjoy the journey to reaching your goals.


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